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Harmful radiation
D a m i r   K l j a k o
One of my practices is radiesthesy - a practice which studies radiation. By using a pendulum I determine places of harmful radiation. They are usually cases of geopathogenic radiation (underwater currents), technical radiation (TV, computer, household appliances) and radiation of certain plants (tree of life, ficus tree, philodendron, benjamin, sansevieria). It is precisely these types of radiations that are the causes of many diseases. For example, if the bed in which we sleep is exposed to harmful radiations, we frequently wake up feeling exhausted, grumpy, with a headache, rheumatism and similar ailments, even babies and little children sleep restlessly. With time these ailments lead to more serious health conditions because these places of unhealthy energy weaken our energetic fields.
The most common health conditions
are migraines, allergies, rheumatism,
cists, tumours, cancer.
Today's science also
confirms that harmful
radiation directly influences
psychological and physical
health of people. Therefore it is
necessary to block those unhealthy
radiations to ensure a safe residence
for ourselves and others in a place of positive energy.
My method of blocking those harmful radiations, which have proven to be effective and efficient for the last 19 years, is copper spirals that I make myself. They are easily place and begin to take effect right away. With this protection I directly influence the quality of living, because our living and working areas become healthy and comfortable. You can buy the copper spirals personally in my clinic (on the home page you can see my current location), or order them by phone or e-mail. For orders via phone or e-mail I ask you to list you name, last name, address and the number of spirals you wish to purchase (the minimum is 3), and upon your payment on my bank account the copper spirals are shipped to you address in 2 - 5 days along with the instructions on how to set them up. You may also contact me for inspection and protection of houses/office space/constructional sites from harmful radiation.
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