Damir Kljako, a master in alternative medicine, Bioenergy therapist, Reiki master, radiesthesy therapist, FIDE master. The last is the title of a master of the world chess federation. In fact, before I started practising bioenergetics, I was a professional chess player. I travelled across Europe competing in various chess tournaments, meting different people, mentalities and cultures.  One of the key factors of success on a professional chess playing level is an expanded concentration spam. Today, I am grateful of this life experience because strong concentration helps with the results of my therapies.

I was born in Zagreb, 03. 12. 1954. and have been living in Zagreb since 2001. I am especially proud of my daughter Alenka who lives in Osijek with her family (I have two grandsons - Roko and Nikša). In a period of my life I suffered a downfall and was on the edge of desperation. A common ally of people in those circumstances is spirituality. It helped me to re-open my eyes and realise what is left for those who have no future. "They are left with a beginning, and that is the greatest gift that you can receive. Because creation is more powerful than anything created". This is how my path began and it has been going on for the last 19 years and will last even longer, because I am a happy man who follows his not so easy life calling - to ease the pains of others, help them heal.

In 1993, at the age of 38, I enrolled in a school of alternative medicine and healing, and became a master in alternative medicine with various commendations of my abilities. I especially stood out in my unusual versatility for alternative practices (undercurrents, Reiki, clairvoyance). It was strange for everyone that I had discovered my unusual gift so late because very few people possess all of the gifts, some are just bioenergy therapists, some radiesthesy therapists, some just Reiki therapists, but with me it is all unified. I devoted my continued studies of alternative medicine to Reiki. I completed four levels of the Usui healing system and spiritual development and in that way became an independent Reiki master and was entitled to initiate and teach all levels of the Usui healing system.

I have done therapies in Bled, Slovenia, for many years, and these days I am constantly circulating across Croatia because in many cities and places I have regular patients or unbreakable bonds with people I have helped and in that way remained permanently linked to them.
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