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D a m i r   K l j a k o
The aura is a field of glowing, oval, pulsating energy surrounding a person which spreads about two meters from him in every direction. It consists of concentric layers of membranes or coloured light that follow the shape of an egg. (Dr. Barbara Bowers)

It has been determined that every living being possesses an aura. Particularly psychic people have always had the ability to see the human aura. At the turn of this century among other scientist, Michael Faradya, Nikola Tesla and Thomas Edison dealt with auras, and so the first shot of an aura was made. With the discovery of S. D. Kirilina, who developed the way of recording an aura by using high-frequency electricity, the study of the aura got a scientific background and more momentum.
There are the shots of my aura taken 19 years ago. The amount and the type of energy which I possessed as a bioenergetics beginner practitioner are visible.
There are too many stories from my 19 yearlong practices… It is ungrateful to brag about successes therefore I will say this: "With my healing techniques and the energy I invested in those who gave me their confidence I have NEVER aggravate a disease or health profile. I do not promise miracles, but experience has shown that I have healed many people who were not helped by other methods"
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